Board of Directors

Board of Directors of the Little Harbour Charitable Foundation

Paul J Holloway                                                   President
Holloway Automotive Group
Portsmouth, NH

Donald Brabant
                                                  Treasurer & Grant Chair
Finance Director, NHAA
Portsmouth, NH

Scott Guyer
                                                          Tournament Committee
Retired US Coast Guard
Portsmouth, NH

Judy Jellinek
                                                         Grant Committee
Educational Counseling
No Hampton, NH

Edward G Patenaude Jr
                                     Tournament Committee
Fortis Construction LLC
Stratham, NH

Sharon Ponchak                                                 Tournament Committee
Liberty Lane Service Company
Hampton, NH

Linda Varrell                                                        Secretary
Ossipee, NH

G Ritchie White               
                                    Tournament Committee
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
Rye, NH

Henry Wall                                                           Tournament Committee
Retired US Air Force
Portsmouth, NH

Barbara Yergeau
                                               Tournament Registrar
Publication Editor
Portsmouth, NH


Directors Emeritus

Michael Bryan, Wentworth by the Sea Marina


Advisors to the Board

Anna Grace Holloway, Development

Debra Holloway, Grants

Robin G Holloway, Publicity & Publication

Spencer Epperson, Manager, Wentworth Marina