Resilience pays off at Wentworth fishing tourney

scottnewsBy Wayne Hooper
Jul. 5, 2015 at 10:11 PM

The competition was on and, despite heavy downpours, high seas and hefty wind gusts, nearly all registered anglers turned out for last Sunday’s sold-out Wentworth Marina Striped Bass Tournament in New Castle.

Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, the annual event raised $110,000.

Even though entertainment and marine educational programs had to be cancelled, the hearty participants welcomed the warming tent, music, raffles and lunch buffet provided at the Wentworth Marina prior to the highly anticipated awards ceremony.

Twenty-nine trophies were handed-out with the largest striped bass caught by Sam Bonner in the Schoolies category, age 11-13. Sam’s fish weighed in at 41.25 inches. The tournament’s mackerel anglers also had the largest fish caught in the Schoolies category:  Bennett Hayes brought in a 17.9-ounce fish.

Here are the top anglers in each category:

Lunkers (14-16):
1.Kieran Friel 33 inches;
2. David Gasal 32 inches;
3.Spencer Niland, 26 inches by 14.25;
4.Hunter Proulx 26 inches by 13.5;

Schoolies (11-13):
1. Sam Bonner, 41.25 inches;
2. Tanner Greenberg 40 inches;
3.Dane Giguere 39.5 inches;
4. Travis Perkins 32.5 inches;
5. Taylor Savage 26.5 inches;
6. Phoebe Niland 26 inches;

Juveniles (8-10):
1.Tobin Wyman 35 inches;
2. Jon Savage 29 inches;
3. Joseph Allie 27 inches by 14.5;
4. Connor Curley 27 inches;
5. Ian Ripperger 26.5 inches;
6. Lance Allison 26 inches;

Mackerel lunkers:
1. Kosta Alexandropoulos 12 ounces;
2. Schyler Savage 11.7 ounces;
3. Justin Ross 7.8 ounces;

Mackerel schoolies:
1. Bennett Hayes 17.9 ounces;
2. Chase Amarosa 16 ounces;
3. Chase McLeod 15.1 ounces;
4. Elias Alexandropoulos 14.2 ounces;
5. Jacob Grey 12 ounces;
6. Tyler Carson 8.1 ounces;

Mackerel juveniles:
1. Austin Cogan 17.8 ounces;
2.Tyler Cogan 17.8 ounces (tie broken with weigh-in time);
3. Brody Sutton 15.2 ounces;
4. Frankie Alexandropoulos 9.9 ounces

This year tournament proceeds will benefit the following Seacoast organizations: Blue Ocean Society, Northeast Passage, Zebra Crossing and Coastal Conservation Association of New Hampshire. All selected organizations providing services and programming supporting children and their families.

Additional information on all 2015 beneficiary organizations, sponsors, as well as previous LHCF recipients and winners can be found at